It is with deep regret that we have cancelled CrisisConf2020.

The current global concern with COVID-19 has significantly affected the viability of an imminent international gathering. Several of our high-profile speakers are not available due to restrictions imposed on them by their own companies and national governments. Delegates, particularly in our key groups of aviation and cruise lines, are experiencing similar restrictions. The strength of CrisisConf is its range of expert speakers and the network of crisis management professionals who contribute to the debate. We will not compromise the quality of the event by pushing ahead knowing that key groups and companies would not be able to attend.

We will provide an alternative forum, probably as a series of online seminars, to discuss key and immediate issues. There will be no charge to delegates for this forum. More details will be published once arrangements have been made.

CrisisConf is the professional forum for crisis managers, we will resurrect the full conference in 2021.